10 Cheapest MBA In Canada For International Students (2023)

For many people, pursuing an MBA in Canada is a dream, but not everyone can make it come true. One of the most common reasons why students decide not to study abroad is a lack of financial resources. The good news is that most affordable MBA colleges are located in Canada. There are countless choices to get the cheapest MBA in Canada while touring this beautiful country on a shoestring budget. Some of Canada’s most affordable MBA programs are offered by prestigious universities such as Laval University, the University of Calgary and Memorial University of Newfoundland.

In this regard, we will go through a list of the cheapest MBA in Canada for international students.

10 Cheapest MBA in Canada for International Students

1. University of New Brunswick

The University of New Brunswick MBA program strives to build innovative and entrepreneurial leaders. After completing the course, students gain access to a variety of networking opportunities, business consulting jobs, and other options. Depending on your interests and preferences, you can pursue a full-time or part-time MBA at the University of Brunswick. The skilled professors help you develop as a business and management professional.

The average tuition paid annually by international students at the University of New Brunswick is $12,850.

2. Laval University MBA (Quebec)

Laval University is one of the most affordable MBA programs in Canada. The Faculty of Business Administration (FSA) is a modern business school in Canada that is well equipped. Since 1924, the institution has been at the forefront of offering an affordable MBA in Canada. Offering close interaction with the business community, the Laval MBA strikes a balance between high academic quality and professional relevance.

The average tuition paid annually by international students at Laval University is $16,000.

3. Memorial University of Newfoundland MBA

For international students, Memorial University of Newfoundland offers one of the most affordable MBA programs in Canada. It is the first business school in Atlantic Canada to be accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International). MUN is one of the cheapest MBAs in Canada and aims to provide students with core business knowledge and leadership skills to help them achieve their business objectives.

The average tuition paid annually by international students at Memorial University of Newfoundland is $24,000.

4. University of Calgary MBA

The University of Calgary is one of Canada’s most affordable MBA schools. For international students, the low cost MBA in Canada is a highly recognized degree. The curriculum is tailored for professionals in the business, non-profit, and public sector who wish to earn a widely recognized certificate. It offers students several options to personalize their experience, such as internships, specialization, and so on.

The average tuition paid annually by international students at the University of Calgary is $26,557.

5. MBA from the University of Vancouver

The Vancouver Island University MBA program costs $20,905 for domestic students and $33,434 for international students, regardless of whether students choose the 14 or 16-month program. With the applied business program option and specialization, domestic students now pay $23,147 and international students pay $37,308.48. Domestic students in the dual program (MBA/MSc.IM) pursuing only the applied business project (no specialization) pay $21,829 and international students pay $35,395. Domestic students in the dual program, who complete both the applied business project and the specialization option, pay $24,229 and international students pay $39,558.

6. HEC Montreal – Full-time MBA

The total cost of the HEC Montréal full-time MBA program, including tuition and fees, is only $8,198 for Quebec and French/Franco-Belgian students. Non-Quebec Canadian residents pay $17,515 and international students pay $34,046. The school estimates that shared accommodation costs about $7,200, while all school supplies cost about $3,500 and transportation costs about $590.

7. Ryerson University – Part-time MBA

Ryerson University part-time MBA tuition for domestic students is $22,328 (plus additional fees) for 13 credits (11 courses) and $35,818 for international students. Students pay tuition per course. Foundation courses are required for students without a BComm or equivalent bachelor’s degree. The number of Foundation courses required is based on an official review of proper transcripts at application. Each propaedeutic year would cost the student the equivalent of one credit; $1,933 per course for domestic and $3,101 per course for international students.

8. MBA from Victoria University

The University of Victoria is one of Canada’s top MBA schools, with affordable tuition. The Sardul. S. Gill Graduate School at the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business offers low-cost MBA programs. It introduces students to new career paths such as community development, socially conscious business leadership, and entrepreneurship. According to statistics, most of the top recruiters are looking for MBA graduates from the University of Victoria.

The average tuition paid annually by international students at the University of Victoria is $39,300.

9. University of Manitoba

The Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba is one of Canada’s most affordable MBA programs. It was founded in 1968 and received AACSB accreditation in 1999. The Aper School of Business MBA program has a long history of providing excellent education and mentoring in business foundations, decision making techniques and leadership strategies. The MBA program here is tailored to meet the market-driven demands of today’s business world.

The average tuition paid annually by international students at the University of Manitoba is $48,300.

10. Beedie School of Business – Simon Fraser University – Full-time MBA

For Canadian citizens and permanent residents, the tuition fee for the Simon Fraser full-time MBA program is approximately $40,500, while for international applicants, it costs approximately $51,700. Textbooks and other materials are estimated to cost $2,200, and student fees are an additional $2,500. A $2,000 CDN fee is also required to maintain a spot in the program upon acceptance.



For students seeking world-class education at a reasonable cost, an MBA from one of Canada’s institutions is the ideal alternative. In terms of educational attainment, Canada is comparable to the United States, but the programs are one-fourth the price, and this is because affordable Canadian colleges try to attract international students.


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