Telus Family Cell Phone Plans (2023)

Telus is a Canadian telecommunications company specializing in providing a variety of communications goods and services to individuals, families, businesses and other consumers in Canada, including telephone, data, internet and wireless services.

The Telus family mobile phone plans include a family discount that allows you to save more money with more people you add. The family discount saves you $5 per additional line (a total savings of $10) if you add two lines, three lines gives you $10 off per line ($30 total).

A mobile phone plan for the whole family is a plan that allows you to bundle the features of your phone plan and give each family member access to them as needed. Every aspect of a cell phone plan for the whole family is the same as for an individual. The only difference is that it now works for many lines with the ability to select how many to add as opposed to just one line or phone number. It actually works out cheaper as you pay a bundle price which turns out to be less than if you had to pay for each line individually. The main advantage of using a family cell phone plan is that it helps you save money and sometimes offers you additional bundles such as more data or more talk time compared to individual plans.

Telus Family mobile phone plans

Telus telecommunications is a reputable company known for providing great data services in both wired and wireless format. It is best known for its high-speed network services and its various plans, including the mobile phone plans for the whole family.

The main goal of telecommunications company Telus is to ensure that communications are made available to everyone in a fast and reliable manner. It introduced the Family Discount to make it less stressful and cheaper to link the whole family.

The Telus Family discount allows you to save more money with more people you add. For example, if you use the family discount you save $5 per additional line (a total savings of $10) if you add two lines, three lines save $10 per line ($30 total). Whereas you can get a discount of $15 per line if you have four or more (up to nine lines in total, saving you $135 on your monthly payment).

Also, anyone on the account with an Unlimited plan, Simple Share, and/or Peace of Mind rate plan will receive automatic savings through the multi-unit discounts. The discounts are automatically applied to your monthly account, without you having to do anything. The discount gets more generous the more users you have on your account.

Some other terms and conditions for using the Telus Family mobile phone plan are:

  • Discount is based on the number of subscribers to the account’s Unlimited plan, Simple Share, and/or Peace of Mind plan.
  • The savings increase as more subscribers are added to an Unlimited plan, Simple Share rate plan, or Peace of Mind rate plan. For example, adding four lines will save you $60 each month.
  • Discounts are only available to subscribers of the account’s Unlimited plan, Simple Share, or Peace of Mind plan.
  • Discounts are automatically applied to your account without your intervention.
  • Customers on Your Choice pricing plans may still be eligible for the $10 add-a-line discount, even though they are not eligible for the Telus Family discount.

A family member can be added to your Telus account by completing the following:

  • On the requests you want to approve, click Set up access.
  • Choose the function to which you want to assign the user.
  • Assign phone numbers
  • Confirm access

However, there is another Telus mobile phone plan available for families. But this time it only qualifies for low-income families. Called Internet For Good, it is a low-income family plan offered by Telus to provide high-speed broadband internet for about $9.95 per month to eligible low-income families in British Columbia, Alberta and some parts from Quebec. However, recipients must have minor children receiving the maximum Canadian child benefit and provide a recent statement from Canada Child Benefit (CCB) showing that net household income is less than or equal to $32,028.

The Internet For Good plan also includes

  • The choice to buy a budget friendly used PC from BC Technology for Learning Society
  • No contract costs or cancellation costs
  • Free Telus Wise® workshops and resources, giving you the tools you need to safely participate in our digital world.

Follow the steps below to apply for this plan;

  • Check the eligibility status above and make sure you meet the criteria
  • Send proof of eligibility along with personal details such as full name and contact details to Telus official email or postal address. Note: CART – Internet for Good Program, 4535 Canada Way 3, Burnaby, BC, V5G 1J9,.
  • Please wait approximately 2 weeks before you receive feedback on your application
  • If the application is approved, a confirmation code will be sent to your contact and you will be given access to this plan.

However, it is important to note that this plan is not available on wireless networks, but on the landline.

What other plans are available with Telus?

Some other mobile phone plans and services offered by Telus include:

  • Telus Mobility for Good for Youth offers young people leaving foster care a free smartphone and a fully subsidized 3 GB data plan for two years.
  • Telus Mobility for Good for Seniors, which includes a free refurbished phone, unlimited calls and texts nationwide, and 3 GB of data for $25 per month.
  • Telus Tech for Good provides training and assistive technology to Canadians with disabilities who have difficulty using smartphones and tablets to help them live more independent lives.
  • Telus Health for Good enables Telus mobile health clinics to provide primary health care directly to needy homeless people in Canadian cities.
  • Telus Wise provides online tools and workshops to help Canadians of all ages stay safe in the digital environment.



Telus is one of the largest telecommunications companies in Canada and is known for offering a fast and reliable network – one of the fastest in the country – at reasonable prices and attractive discounts.

This is why the Telus family mobile phone plan has proven to be a sensible option for most Canadian families.


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