Top 10 Cheapest Boarding Schools In Canada (2023)

There are several advantages to attending a boarding school, especially in a country like Canada where there is a lot of attention for quality. Of course, there are numerous boarding schools in the country, each with its own model and unique operation. But looking at these things from a fees point of view, there are still many boarding schools in Canada that charge affordable fees.

Some of the cheapest boarding schools in Canada are College River, The King’s School, Externat Sacre-Coeur, Kingsway College, Ecole Secondaire de Bromptonville, College Notre-Dame-de-l’Assompton, Luther College High School, Rosthern Junior College, TAIE International Institute and Halifax Christian Academy.

These boarding schools are not only affordable but also provide quality education.

Top 10 Cheapest Boarding Schools In Canada

1. College River

College River is a co-educational school in Canada with cheap tuition for even entry-level students. The school is located at 343, rue St-Jacques Nord Coaticook, QC. You can enroll your ward in any grade of secondary 1-5. If you need more information, just send an email to

2. The King’s School

Located in Winnipeg, the King’s School is a fun Co-Ed school that offers quality education. The school is located here: 851 Panet Road, Winnipeg, MB. Their tuition is affordable and you can email for more information:

3. External Sacré-Coeur

You can also register your ward here in Externat Sacre-Coeur, a mixed school also located in QC. It is both a day school and a boarding school, and its doors are open to students from all over. Their full address is 535 Rue Lefrancois, Rosemere, QC. For more information about the state of affairs, you can simply send them an e-mail: In addition, you can call management at 450-621-6720. Your ward (regardless of their gender) will get a good education here without having to pay a huge tuition fee per year.

4. Kingsway College

Kingsway College is a prominent one in Oshawa, Ontario. It has been around for many years now and the school has had a positive impact on many students from the very beginning. It is also a Co-Ed school that admits qualified students (grades 9-12) from various places in the world. It should also be added that financial aid is usually provided here to deserving people. Kingsway College is located here: 1200 Leland Road, Oshawa, Ontario.

5. Ecole Secondaire de Bromptonville

Here is one of the cheapest boarding schools in Canada as tuition is only about $3,050 per year. They also embrace day students, and these pay even less tuition per year (only about $1,795). The school is located at 125, rue du Frere-Theode Sherbrooke, QC. It doesn’t matter if your ward is male or female, you can send them here (since it’s also a Co-Ed school), as long as they fit into Secondary 1-5.

6. College Notre-Dame-de-l’Assompton

College Notre-Dame-de-l’Assompton is one of the most affordable schools in Canada for boarding students that fit secondary grades 1 – 5. They only have to pay $3,500 – $3,970 as their annual tuition, while day students would only pay $1,950 Pay. The school is located at 225, rue Saint-Jean-Baptise Nicolet, QC. It should also be added that College Notre-Dame-de-l’Assompton is a co-educational school, which means that you can enroll in both your male and female wards here.

7. Luther College High School

This school is also a Co-Ed school in Canada for people who fit between grades 9 and 12. Today, students usually pay between $4,110 – $10,675 in tuition each year. On the other hand, entry students are charged $4,260 – $8,120 tuition every year. It should also be added that there are scholarships and awards here for deserving students. Luther College High School is located at 1500 Royal Street, Regina, SK. And if you need more information, you can email: You can also call this number: 306-791-9174

8. Rosthern Junior College

Rosthern Junior College is not only one of the most affordable boarding schools in Canada, but it is also an excellent one, for those between grades 10 – 12. It is a co-educational school in Rosthern, and you can enroll your wards regardless of their gender. While day students must pay $3,740 per year, the tuition fee for boarding students is $9,500 per year. It should also be added that the management of Rosthern Junior College has already informed that busaries and scholarships are available for deserving students. The full address of Rosthern Junior College is: 410 – 6th Avenue, Rosthern, SK. For more information, email them:

9. TAIE International Institute

At this spot on our list is the prestigious TAIE International Institute. This school admits both male and female students from different places in the world, from grades 7 – 12. It is also both a day school and a boarding school. The annual tuition for their day students is between $1,120 – $9,600. For boarding students, they pay between $10,800 – $12,000 as annual tuition. TAIE International Institute is located at 399 Church Street, Toronto. You can send an email to

10. Halifax Christian Academy

Finally here is Halifax Christian Academy. The school was considered not only for its tuition fees, but also because it has the potential to help students become evenly enlightened in the things that matter. It is also a co-ed school, located in 114 Downs Avenue, Halifax. The Academy also serves day students, whose annual tuition is between $7,000 – $12,500. However, entry students would pay between $19,500 – $21,500 annually. However, it should be noted that scholarships are available for low-income families interested in enrolling their wards (grades PS-12) here for quality education. If you would like more information from management, simply email



These are some of the cheapest boarding schools in Canada. You can choose any of them and contact their management for more information. While their cost is quite affordable, you can be sure of nothing short of quality education.


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