Top 10 Cheapest Engineering Universities In Canada (2023)

More than 600,000 international students study in Canada. This number is not surprising given the country’s reputation for world-class education, good quality of life and admirable safety. You, like many international students, can complete your Engineering course in Canada without spending a fortune. You can get a good Canadian education at a low cost if you attend one of the cheap universities listed below.

Top 10 Cheapest Engineering Universities in Canada

1. University of Toronto

This is one of Canada’s first technical universities and has built a solid reputation over the years. The engineering and technology faculty is relatively large, with nearly 8,000 students enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate programs at 16 different Ontario locations.

Students have the option of studying any course in the technical field. At the graduate level, students can focus on research and professional degrees in various areas of engineering education.

2. University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is one of Canada’s universities of technology recognized as a global center for research and engineering education. It has been named one of the world’s top 40 engineering schools. The engineering faculty of this university offers 21 engineering courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

It offers graduate courses both for industry experts who want to gain further expertise and for those who want to pursue research professions. As a leading research university, the University of British Columbia is recognized for its strength and impact on critical inquiry.

3. University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo is one of the top 50 engineering and technology schools in the world. With approximately 9,500 students enrolled in 2016, the college boasts of being Canada’s largest engineering institution. The university is known for its research and has a $64 million international collaboration.

Through the use of various programs in conjunction with classroom instruction, undergraduate students have gained more than two years of paid work experience before completing their studies. In addition, students have the opportunity to build relationships with Indigenous enterprises to launch top initiatives.

4. McGill University

This is one of Canada’s technical universities, located in Quebec, with nine undergraduate courses and appropriate diploma courses. The application of research to many parts of engineering education is one of the key components that has played an essential role in the institution. Furthermore, there is strong innovation in which the faculty has focused on promoting technical progress.

5. University of Alberta

Located in Edmonton, the University of Alberta offers more than 400 courses in 18 faculties. The faculty of engineering and technology includes 4,400 undergraduate students. The faculty offers 21 engineering courses, with international students making up about 17% of the undergraduate population and almost 39% of the graduate students.

6. University of Montreal

Université de Montréal is located in one of Quebec’s metropolitan provinces. More than 650 undergraduate and postgraduate programs are available to francophone international students at the university. It is one of Canada’s universities of technology, also known as Polytechnic Montréal, and provides education to international students in various subjects such as computer science, chemistry, electrical engineering and other technical fields.

7. Queen’s University

This is one of Canada’s oldest government research universities. It was founded in 1841 and is based in Kingston, Ontario. The school’s old buildings, excellent research program, vibrant student life, and other features have contributed to the school’s recognition. It has also received recognition for its excellence in research and teaching within the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

8. McMaster University

McMaster University ranks eighth in the QS subject ranking. Faculty of Engineering of this school is large. Due to the large size of the engineering faculty, it is divided into two schools: McMaster School of Biomedical Engineering and Engineering Practice and Technology.

9. The University of Western Ontario

Also known as the Western University, this university is located in the London suburbs of the province of Ontario in Ontario. The University of Western Ontario is a well-known engineering university in Canada, with a reputation for conducting cutting-edge research in fields such as neuroscience, health science, wind engineering and many more.

The university has nine faculties where students can complete their master’s degree while still meeting the criteria for a bachelor’s degree. This means that students can obtain a master’s degree in engineering sciences within one year of obtaining their bachelor’s degree.

10. University of Calgary

The University of Calgary is located in Alberta, Canada and offers suitable bachelor’s degree programs. This allows students to place a very specific emphasis on topics such as mechatronics, chemical engineering, petroleum engineering, and others. The main goal of the school is globalization, as well as increasing the number of female students in all faculties.



The main reason why international students pursue higher education abroad is the quality of education. Compared to all other top countries such as the United States, United Kingdom and Australia, studying in Canada and obtaining a work permit is very easy. However, low tuition fees and affordability are also important factors to consider when choosing an institution and this article has provided you with the 10 cheapest engineering universities in Canada.


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