Top 10 Cheapest Smart TV In Canada (2023)

It is clear that not only phones are getting smarter these days, but even televisions. Not only does this stuff beautify the home and connect you to the world from the comfort of your own space, but they also have great tech features that can be used for a variety of things. However, they are usually expensive, for obvious reasons. Nevertheless, there are certain budget-friendly TV sets that you can still opt for without any problems.

Some of the cheapest smart TVs in Canada are TCL RP620K Roku TV, Samsung The Frame (2021), JVC Fire TV Edition, Samsung TU7100, Hisense Roku TV (A7200UK), Hisense U7QF, Panasonic JX850 (2021), Toshiba UK31, TCL C715K and Toshiba WK3C.

Top 10 Cheapest Smart TV in Canada

1. TCL RP620K Roku TV

With an excellent Roku platform, this exciting TV is one of the best budget-friendly smart sets out there right now. It is also famous and it came with both Dolby Vision and Freeview Play. While the brightness isn’t quite as good as many other expensive smart TVs, it’s still cool, at least for its price. The TCL RP620K Roku TV comes with decent sound quality and the pictures aren’t bad (nice from a UHD source). If you’re a fan of the Roku platform, this should keep you busy for less.

As for the price of the TCL RP620K Roku TV, you should get it from around $430.

2. Samsung The Frame (2021)

You don’t have to break the bank to buy a nice smart TV today, because you can just go for something like Samsung The Frame (2021). The 32-inch Full HD model is not only beautiful, but also quite affordable compared to several other types of smart TVs in its range. It came with a unique customizable design and QLED picture quality. While this model lacks Dolby Vision and is hugely unobtrusive audio, things got cool with the Tizen smart platform with Ambient Mode.

To enjoy this TV, you should not expect too much from it, because it will not do too much. You should be satisfied with its compact size. You can get the most basic one for $599.

3. JVC Fire TV Edition

In collaboration with Amazon, JVC brought a nice smart TV that is budget friendly. It has good HDR support and Alexa built in. While it can be annoyingly slow at times and has a clustered interface, the nice thing about this TV is that it’s made with four HDMI ports. It has interesting specs, at least for its price. One of the nice things we can only add to this particular product is that it gives buyers easy access to a ton of apps that can also be candidly used for a variety of things. You can easily get the JVC Fire TV Edition online for around $528.

4. Samsung TU700

We should easily start commenting on the vibrant photos. One of the advantages of this Samsung smart TV compared to its contemporaries is the impressive image quality. It works with Tizen OS and won’t give much problem like touching lag. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have Dolby Vision and only came with two HDMI ports. However, if you want to get a good smart TV without spending much, you can go for this one. One of the impressive things about the Samsung TU700 is that it is even more recent than some of the others in this category.

If you want a modest size, you can get it for less than $300. Even the larger options are still available for less than $600.

5. Hisense Roku TV (A7200UK)

This is also a recent smart TV, made in 2021. It’s a collaboration between Hisense and Roku, and the collaboration has produced one of the most affordable TVs out there. It has excellent streaming support and is also easy to use. You also don’t have to worry about delays and all those other things. On the other hand, it is without Dolby Vision or HDR10+. Also, the lighting is inconsistent and it also comes with a cheap remote control. It should also be added that you can get this for less than $600.

6. Hisense U7QF

This is a good TV set that can be purchased without spending too much money. It’s an excellent TV with QLED and a simple interface. You’re also going to enjoy good HDR performance. On the downside, it has average sound and limited streaming apps. You can get this in large sizes for less than $600. It should also be added that the TV has good gaming performance and it is a recommended budget-friendly one.

7. Panasonic JX850 (2021)

This is another excellent budget-friendly smart TV that’s impressive for daytime viewing. It has super clear room performance and low input lag. The HDR is one of its selling points. However, it came with a basic sound system, with no support for 120 Hz. This will indeed prove to be an interesting purchase. The Panasonic JX850 came with the new HCX Pro AL processor. You can enjoy the features to see how your images are modified (it also includes AI image). As for the price, this nice TV costs around $730.

8. Toshiba UK31

Toshiba is already a brand with a good reputation and they did not disappoint with this budget-friendly smart TV. It has low input lag and Dolby Vision support. Moreover, it came with Alexa integration and excels in clear room performance. However, it doesn’t have Disney+ and it’s also plastic. But something we should emphasize is that you can get a big smart TV without breaking the bank with this particular model. It’s nice to see that there’s a good range of streaming services out there. As for the price, you can still buy it for less than $500.

9. TCL C715K

There are several nice things associated with this TV brand. Not only is it budget-friendly, but it also came with QLED technology (it has an impressive QLED panel). There’s also more. The TCL C715K has wide HDR support, as well as Android TV and Freeview Play. On the other hand, it has a slow interface and only three HDMI ports. So while it’s quite affordable, it’s nowhere near flawless. How much can you get the TCL C715K? You can buy this great TV for just $714. While it’s ahead of several others in terms of price, it’s still an affordable option when you compare it to certain products.

10. Toshiba WK3C

If you like small size but great smart TV then you should go for this particular Toshiba. Interestingly, it is quite cheap and also came with Freeview Play and apps. On the downside, however, the TV only came with only 720p. Plus, the sound isn’t too great, nor is its clarity. So it’s necessary to add that you should only consider going for something like this if you just want to mount a TV in the kitchen or somewhere other than the sitting room (like in your bedroom or the kids). Having said that, we should note that this Toshiba isn’t bad at all – at least for its price. It can even function as a Bluetooth speaker. As for the price, you can get it for just $245, making this TV one of the cheapest smart TVs you can find.



These are some of the cheapest smart TVs in Canada and you can easily order them from some of your favorite online stores, especially on Amazon. If you buy one of these, make sure you know what you want and what you’re going for. This will save you a lot of headaches.


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