Top 10 Drone Companies in Canada (2023)

Drones are the future of aviation; they are a cheaper and safer way to get airborne. The potential applications of drones are endless and humanity is still in the early stages of researching and exploring what we can achieve with drones. Much of that research is being done in Canada, where economic stability favors start-ups trying to stretch our imaginations as we push the boundaries of drone technology.

If you are a drone enthusiast or a person who is involved in aircraft design, or someone who invests in any way, you may want to know about the best drone companies in Canada, who you can work with to collaborate with the most visionary minds in this industry that is still in its infancy.

Canada’s largest drone companies have focused on specific areas of drone use, from photography, security applications, construction planning and agriculture. They are always open to fresh ideas, both in the field of technology and also in the business field.

Top 10 drone companies in Canada

1. Response Aviation

Resson Aerospace is not just another company that builds flying machines; they are a company that offers cloud-based data analytics, multiple drone deployments, and advanced data analytics. The company has created its own data analysis algorithm called “Resson Agriculture Management and Analytic System” (RAMAS).

Resson gets their data from aerial images from drones and feeds it through their computers to analyze crop status and health, expected yield and the presence of pests. The company hopes to soon offer proactive analytics so farmers can do more than react when something is wrong with their crops.

2. Iris automation

Iris Automation is a real drone company. They develop drone systems and sell their technology to other drone makers in Canada and abroad. One such technology that the company has developed is a computer vision-based collision avoidance system for drones. With this system, the drones are able to make distance calculations to warn the user of stationary objects, but also to avoid incoming objects. The company designs the entire system, including a built-in camera, optical sensors, processors and the software that controls the units and powers the computer vision algorithms.

3. SkyX

SkyX Systems Corporation is a promising technology development company. The company designs and builds long-life, long-range drones, mostly used for safety and inspection purposes. The company is also contracted by customers to deploy and maintain drones for inspection and monitoring applications on their customers’ facilities and installations.

SkyX claims its drones can operate partially without an operator. This is because they are programmable; they can be instructed to follow certain waypoints. The drones are equipped with optical, hyperspectral and thermal cameras and can detect damage or movement remotely. They are used for security purposes, but also for monitoring pipelines and other installations.

4. Pegasus Aviation

Pegasus is the flying horse in the story of Hercules. This eponymous Canadian company designs and builds lightweight hybrid drones that help carry out tough industrial applications. These unmanned aerial vehicles help operators improve flight times with multiple rotors and payloads. They can be described as assistant flying machines that allow larger flying machines to stay in the air longer.

One of the company’s products; called the G35 Range Extender uses advanced power electronics (for which they have a patent pending) to control the hybrid power system, extending flight times up to 2 hours. The system comes with a self-diagnostic capability to help the operator monitor the performance of all systems on board the drone, reducing the risk of accidents.

5. Laflamme Aero

Laflamme Aero is a designer and builder of unmanned helicopters that are programmable and have many applications. The company’s products are drone helicopters that can be used for various purposes, including delivering goods, spraying pesticides, and so on. The products can be called unmanned aerial vehicles or unmanned flying machines, which can take off and land vertically. The company also offers its products with a helicopter simulator cockpit, and some have a customizable ground station from which to control multiple drones.

6. The Sky Boys

The Sky Guys is a drone company that provides aerial photography and videography and helps customers collect data. The company offers drones that can be used for so many applications and industrial applications. Many of their drones are used for oil and gas inspection, utilities, construction sites, mapping and surveying, as well as photography and making music videos and commercial films. The company is quite stable because it has so many applications in so many industries.

7. Airshare

AirShare isn’t just a drone design and build company; this is also a good security company. The company has developed anti-drone systems to protect installations such as airports and the like from attack by malicious drones. How do they do this? They use drones.

One of the company’s products; the OVERWATCH Interceptor-UX uses drone technology and surface-to-air missiles to create a highly tenacious cloud of countermeasures. The company needs a ground station to control its drones during surveillance duties and to launch surface-to-air missiles to destroy the threats from the air. The company also claims that they have a system that disables the approaching enemy drones before destroying them with a missile.

8. Green eye technology

Green Eye Technology is a drone company that specializes in the practical use of drones in agriculture. Green Eye Technology provides advanced crop monitoring and weed management solutions to large farms and plantations. It collects the information about the type, species and prevalence of weeds in agricultural fields with the help of drones, then uses AI technologies to prescribe a customized herbicide spray plan. The company claims that by applying its technology you can reduce herbicide use by more than 50%.

9. Flute Box

Fluttrbox is a company that values ​​real estate for clients, using drone technology. The company is often hired by real estate developers, as well as property managers looking to buy or renovate existing structures. They collect data from real estate locations using drones and perform analytics on it, helping developers, managers and owners to make the best use of their property, or conduct marketing on their properties, or make insurance claims on the properties. The company has some software patents that help them run their business.

10. Industrial SkyWorks

Industrial SkyWorks is a Canadian company that designs and develops unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and provides data solutions to customer companies. They serve industrial and commercial markets worldwide. Their job is to deploy drones to capture images and collect data, then use advanced computer applications to perform technical analysis on the collected data.

Industrial SkyWorks is often hired to perform analysis, real-time inspection, monitoring and diagnostics of oil and gas pipelines and other infrastructure. The company is also at the forefront of research and development of drone technology and possible industrial applications.



Canada’s top drone companies can collectively dominate the drone market around the world, due to their diverse applications and the depth of their advancement. To stay competitive, these companies are constantly open to new ideas that can drive development. They are also open to new funding from investors looking to enter the drone market now while mileage is still low in this industry.


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