Top 10 Cheapest Auto Parts Stores In Canada (2023)

Top 10 Cheapest Auto Parts Stores In Canada (2023)

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Today you don’t have to go to a parts store to get stuff when you need it. At present, there are several auto parts stores where one can easily order cheap parts from the comfort of your home in Canada.

Some of the cheapest auto parts stores in Canada include Rock Auto, Parts Geek, Advance Auto Parts, NAPA, Buy Auto Parts, eBay, Amazon, Eckler’s, 1A Auto, and FCP Euro

Top 10 Cheapest Auto Parts Stores in Canada

1. Rock car

At Rock Auto you can easily order reliable and affordable car parts. This store is also a strong store with a great reputation, and they already have many customers who order various parts for different makes and models of vehicles. Interestingly, Rock Auto sources its car parts from different car manufacturers from different places in the world. Hence, customers can easily get cheap stuff here. However, it should be noted that these guys do not offer free shipping on any of their parts.

2. Parts Geek

Here is a discount auto parts retailer that has been in the business for many years. They offer many OEM and aftermarket parts for different makes and models. You can certainly get a lot of affordable parts here, including hard-to-find parts at a great price. However, it should also be added that while these guys are great at what they do, you can fight with things like some of their questionable customer service policies. Parts Geek is definitely one of the best auto parts sellers out there.

3. Advanced auto parts

These guys have their strength in the sale of car batteries in particular. At Advance Auto Parts you can get Die Hard batteries that are nice and reliable. Of course you can get much more here. Advance Auto Parts offers many auto parts and their customers can even get free shipping. They have thousands of stores all over the place and also let their customers earn points on each of their purchases.


Here, in addition to ordering car parts, customers can also receive repair estimates. NAPA Auto Parts is really not only a full service online parts store, but they also have numerous repair shops nearby. You can schedule appointments with any of them, and it can be fun. This is one of the edges associated with NAPA. But what matters to us here and what is more important is that you can get affordable auto parts from them. However, you can only buy stuff from a specific brand. But it is good. NAPA also provides the necessary tools and even diagnostic equipment. On their website you will find various car accessories.

5. Buy auto parts

Not only do these guys have a reputation for excellent customer service, but they also sell affordable auto parts. They are an online parts store that also offers a live auto expert to help customers find the right part. Not only do they offer free shipping on all orders over $99, but they’re happy to cover the parts you get in case of a problem. Also, and also interesting, offers discounts to new customers.


Many buyers of auto parts are not yet taking full advantage of eBay’s potential. Actually, the platform remains a great way to get everything you need without spending too much, and car parts are not exempt. Indeed, many sellers here continue to use the platform to sell parts, and buyers can get their money’s worth. If you’re familiar with eBay, you should already know that you can always find the parts you need and get enough information before placing an order.

7. Amazon

This list wouldn’t be complete if we weren’t talking about Amazon. It is already a well-known platform where various things are sold, and you will also see plenty of car parts. It’s even possible to get constant free shipping here, especially for those with Amazon Prime. One prominent factor Amazon can mention here is that the platform works with different vendors. You should not get stressed to find not only the part you need but also affordable one.

8. Ecklers

These guys are unique in their activities. They are mainly engaged in automotive restoration and performance parts. They are a premium parts store selling high quality components. You can buy affordable stuff here, but not everything they sell is cheap. However, this brand has been selling premium parts for quite some time and you can look in their direction.

9. 1A Automatic

Here is another store where you can get cheap auto parts. They have numerous auto parts for a wide variety of vehicles. Not only that 1A Auto provides parts for a wide variety of vehicles at an affordable price, but their team usually releases car repair videos that teach you how to replace various components. That’s incredible, right? Wait, it’s not over yet! Not only does 1A Auto specialize in home mechanics, but standard shipping is always free no matter what one buys.

10. FCP Euro

This is an excellent auto parts place where you can get parts for some great car makes and models. You can easily obtain parts for your European vehicles from FCP Euro. Here’s a strategy that has ensured that their products can only be cheap – as they focus more on sourcing parts for such vehicles that are as affordable as possible. If you buy things over $49 here, you will definitely get free shipping. Customers can easily purchase all hard-to-get parts from FCP Euro and also enjoy their lifetime replacement warranty on any products you have purchased from them that stop working when they shouldn’t. Of course, not every platform can give you such a luxury. So it is clear that FCP Euro has an intelligent strategy.



These cheapest car parts stores in Canada not only sell affordable car parts but also offer reliable products.

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