Top 10 Cheapest Courier Services In Canada (2023)

Top 10 Cheapest Courier Services In Canada (2023)

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Courier services are crucial in modern society and there are a handful of companies in Canada that thrive in this sector. However, some courier companies are ahead of the others not only in terms of offering affordable services but also in terms of reliability.

The cheapest courier service in Canada includes Canada Post, UPS Shipping Company, FedEx International Courier Services, Purolator Courier Company, Canpar Shipping Service, DHL, Blue Dart Courier Service Company, TFI International, USPS, DTDC.

Top 10 Cheapest Courier Services in Canada

These companies that provide courier services in Canada are strong organizations that are synonymous with quality services. They are popular global brands with a reputation to protect. That’s why you can always count on them for courier and shipping solutions in Canada. Here they are:

1. Canadian Post

If you are interested in a competent and affordable company that has been providing courier services in Canada for many years, Canada Post has you covered. These guys are good at what they do, as a premier courier company in the country.

Canada Post offers personal, business and even e-commerce shipping services to their numerous customers, and they can also be used to ship items to over 190 countries in the world.

2. UPS shipping company

Another reliable and affordable company in Canada that offers courier services is UPS. They operate on a large scale here and it is not surprising that UPS is synonymous with quality as they are a global company. You can use their services to deliver precious, high-quality goods safely, and you don’t have to break the bank to get this done. We should also add that UPS offers to track information to all of its customers.

3. FedEx International Courier Services

It is very likely that you already know this company as it is a very important and famous courier company known all over the world. FedEx is also a strong and global company that delivers nothing but quality. If you need a reliable and affordable courier delivery company in Canada, you can do business with FedEx.

4. Purolator courier company

Here’s a native Canadian company that also provides an excellent yet affordable courier service. Purolator is also available in several other countries and their services are easily recommended if you want to ship items within Canada. This company offers flexible delivery times, which is one of the things to look out for when settling with a courier company. As a reliable company in Canada, Purolator also offers guaranteed next day delivery as well as other excellent services.

5. Canpar shipping service

This is another excellent company that can be recommended. Not only because they are affordable to use, but also because they are quite reliable and reliable. The company is an end-to-end provider of shipping solutions and you can easily track shipments and schedule collections. Canpar also boasts an excellent add-on that has to do with sending delivery exception reports to sellers.


If you are quite familiar with things like courier services, don’t forget about DHL. This company is everywhere, because it is a large courier company with an extensive network in various places in the world. The courier company has been around for many years, with a huge network of fulfillment centers and warehouses in different parts of the world. Speaking of a company like DHL, we are not only concerned about their affordability of courier services, but also the fact that they are a fairly reliable company that offers fast services.

You can use DHL to ship items across Canada and even to over 220 countries around the world. DHL offers advanced services that several other courier companies have yet to achieve. The company even offers express, priority and air/road/sea freight solutions for overseas deliveries.

7. Blue Dart courier service

Here is another famous, affordable, global courier company with a huge presence in Canada. Customers can use its services for both personal deliveries and bulk shipments. The company makes tracking information available directly on their website for both the sender and recipient. You can use Blue Dart for door-to-door delivery, trucking, and so on.

8. TFI International Fast Shipping Service

Another native Canadian courier company, TFI International is here not only for its affordability perspective but also because it is quite reliable. If you need a company in Canada that provides courier services that are affordable and fast, you can settle for TFI International. The company also provides real-time tracking services to eCommerce customers.

9. USPS same day shipping service

This company is special for several reasons. In addition to being the official mail delivery service of the United States of America, it also delivers on public holidays (very few courier companies currently do this). USPS offers affordable services and also delivers to 190 countries around the world. They are particularly recommended for people who ship smaller packages.

10. DTDC Delivery Service

Last on this list is DTDC. If you need an affordable and reliable company in Canada that provides courier services, you may want to opt for this particular multinational courier company. DTDC has expertise in providing comprehensive delivery services here, and they have been operating for many years. If you are looking for a company that is good at delivering bulk shipments on time, look here.

Actually, DTDC is particularly focused on customer satisfaction and can be used to ship high value goods and dangerous goods. The company delivers to more than 220 countries worldwide and even has the option of expediting orders.


This list of cheapest courier services in Canada has been prepared not only from the perspective of the most affordable services, but also from the point of view of reliability. These companies have been around for many years and also offer express courier services.


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