Top 10 Richest Neighborhoods In Toronto (2023)

Top 10 Richest Neighborhoods In Toronto (2023)

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Toronto is now one of the wealthiest cities in the world due to the boom in the city’s real estate market. Toronto, like other major cities such as New York, Hong Kong and Singapore, has seen a rise in home sales and rents in recent years, putting it in direct rivalry with these other major global hubs.

Toronto’s wealthiest neighborhoods are Bridle Path-Sunnybrook-York Mills, Forest Hill South, Rosedale-Moore Park, Casa Loma, St. Andrew-Winfield, and Yonge-St. Clair, Annex, Lawrence Park South, Forest Hill, and Yorkville.

Top 10 wealthiest neighborhoods in Toronto

1. Bridleway-Sunnybrook-York Mills

One of Toronto’s most expensive and posh areas is the Bridle Path, better known as ‘Billionaire’s Row’. There are several beautiful parks and multi-million dollar mansions in this affluent neighborhood centered around the Don River Valley. Some of these beautiful mansions are built on six acre lots and have modern security systems built in.

The Bridle Path has a good health care system, great public and private schools on Bayview Avenue and luxury shopping centers such as the York Mills Shopping Plaza. The amazing Edwards Gardens are a great place for those living in Bridle Path to take a walk. There are rockeries, ponds and perennial gardens in this botanical garden. It is widely regarded as the best public garden facility in all of Canada.

The houses in Bridle Path were built between 1930 and 1960, so you’ll discover a wide variety of architectural styles. Most of these unique residences are made in the Georgian, Tudor, Gothic Revival, Colonial, and Modern architectural styles. Some of the most luxurious features of these homes include gazebos, tennis courts, swimming pools, waterfalls, and hot tubs.

2. Bosheuvel South

The appearance of Forest Hill South was the result of careful and deliberate planning. The majority of Forest Hill South’s real estate offerings include homes built in the 1920s and 1930s. At that time, each house had to be built by a certain architect, and a tree had to be planted for each house. This neighborhood is still known for its quiet tree-lined streets.

People like to stay close to home because there are good shops and other things to do nearby. Grocery shopping is fun at The Kitchen Table and Loblaws, a brand that has maintained its Canadian identity as it expanded across the country. The Yorkdale Shopping Center has restaurants, shops and a cinema. It also has a wide range of global brands and some smaller stores. Eglinton Avenue West is a great place to shop as there are even more independent stores.

3. Rosedale-Moore Park

Rosedale is close to the heart of Toronto. It has beautiful tree-lined streets and amazing houses with different styles. Rosedale’s interesting history has made it a charming place to live. Rosedale’s narrow, winding streets gave this neighborhood a more private feel.

In Rosedale you will find a nice mix of old houses with historical value and new-looking apartments, all scattered between green spaces and beautiful parks. Park Drive, the Vale of Avoca, Moore Park and the canyons of the Rosedale Valley are just a few. It used to be the nicest neighborhood in Toronto. The Rosedale neighborhood is home to some of Toronto’s most affluent and influential people.

Rosedale has beautiful Georgian, Tudor, Edwardian and Victorian homes that are perfect for families. The neighborhood also has great parks, good schools and dining options.

4.Casa Loma

William Henry Mill Pellatt built the property of the same name as the Casa Loma neighborhood in 1911. It was made to look like an old Roman castle. Pellatt was the richest man in Toronto in the early 20th century, having made his fortune as a banker, entrepreneur and military benefactor. He explained what today would be the equivalent of over $3 million to set up his house and land, a huge sum even by today’s standards and no doubt a small fortune in his time.

Pellatt moved in the 1920s. His property was split up and soon more houses were for sale in the Casa Loma neighborhood.

Sir Winston Churchill Park is the busiest as it is home to ten tennis courts, a jogging track and a playground. The Nordheimer Ravine, which runs all the way around the park, gives a beautiful picture of how different nature can be.

5. St Andrew-Windfields

Prosperous Toronto residents live in massive, modern homes and buildings in St. Andrew-Windfields. This neighborhood in Toronto is very expensive.

This part of Toronto is nice and beautiful as it has both modern houses and lots of greenery around it.

6. Yonge-St. Claire

Yonge-St. clair is a busy neighborhood with real estate for sale in toronto, parks, restaurants, shops and access to the subway. it takes its name from the two main business streets that run through it. Yonge-St. clair connects deer park (the 1920s) and Summerhill (dating from the 1880s). the result is an eclectic neighborhood of Edwardian and Victorian architecture.

7. Attachment

One of Toronto’s oldest neighborhoods, Annex dates back to the 1870s. Local entrepreneurs settled here and built Toronto’s history. Timothy Eaton and George Gooderham, founders of Eaton’s and Gooderham and Worts, ‘started’ here.

8.Lawrence Park South

Lawrence Park is one of Toronto’s most expensive residential areas. It offers peaceful surroundings and beautiful hills. Lawrence Park features top-notch schools, great businesses, and small cars on residential streets. The metro and the highway are easily accessible.

9. Forest Hill

Forest Hill is known as one of the best places to live in Toronto. Forest Hills has beautiful, expensive homes with manicured lawns. This area has the best schools in Toronto. Bishop Strachan School and Upper Canada College are top Canadian schools.


Yorkville is a vibrant, upscale neighborhood best known for its great mix of condos and homes, shops and restaurants, and well-known hotels. Yorkville offers easy access to downtown Toronto via buses and subways.



Toronto’s wealthiest neighborhoods are home to some of the city’s best schools, businesses and residential areas. If you are looking for the best housing and care, you can check out some of the neighborhoods mentioned.

Toronto is also known as a cultural center and is home to many major broadcast networks. In addition to the city’s various festivals, Toronto’s museums and galleries help spread artistic expression. There are several reasons why Toronto real estate is some of the most desirable in the country.

While many people would like to call Toronto home, the city’s high cost of living may make it a pipe dream for many. While this is true, Toronto also has some affluent neighborhoods among its many ethnic and cultural offerings. Keep reading if you want to learn more about some of Toronto’s wealthiest neighborhoods.

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